History of Beyond Transparent


Sharing My Own Experience in the POS World

by Kami Jethani

I entertained the idea of getting into the Merchant Card Processing (MCP) business for some time. After attending a few ETA shows, it did not make sense because there were conflicting stories about pricing, cancellations and residuals. When I finally decided to move ahead after obtaining some clarity, it was still a bad experience due to the lack of transparency. The misleading information came to more light the more I came to understand the market.

When the new EBT regulations were modified for the federal program, my colleagues involved in both the MCP and ATM worlds advised me of the opportunity to change my business model. After researching the industry changes, I spoke with Ayman, my current business partner, who had a POS infrastructure mirrored to his ATM business. I decided to ask him for assistance and he was glad to help. It was the best learning curve that allowed me to cross hurdles that were barriers before.

That is how Beyond Transparent was formed. Now our goal is to assist other IADs with complete transparency in pricing and full control of merchant portfolios. Having another vertical in your businss model allows you to think outside the box. GOT POS!!